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MyVanuatu provides unsurpassed real estate information, tools and professional expertise within Vanuatu as the first website dedicated to real estate in Vanuatu with free classifieds that anyone can use to advertise his own property. If you are looking for a property to buy or rent, or you are willing to sell or rent your property, MyVanuatu is made for you.

A little bit about us

MyVanuatu began with a group of friends living in Vanuatu who faced a problem common to many in Vanuatu. That was the struggle to find consistently relevant and up to date real estate information.

In order to improve access to the online real estate market, MyVanuatu was founded to help locals and foreigners alike to extensively research, compare and find the perfect home. It has become a trusted marketplace for property buyers, sellers and dreamers, offering the most comprehensive listings of properties for sale and rent.

Use our unique mapping features to locate available listings and contact the Vanuautu real estate agents or owners directly.  MyVanuatu is happy to offer you this service and to make all things home simple, efficient and enjoyable. With the help of MyVanuatu you will be able to find your dream house in a matter of minutes!

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We are a group of independent partners who live in Vanuatu and have the goal to assist those who are endeavoring to find their own home in this wonderful country. We have been where you have been. We understand the struggle of searching for property in Vanuatu. It can be frustrating to make one of life’s biggest decisions without the right tools and information. That’s where MyVanuatu can help!

Currently MyVanuatu is in its early stages. We work hard to make sure your time using MyVanuatu is pleasurable. To achieve our goals, we are constantly updating MyVanuatu to create a ever more user-friendly experience. If you have any suggestions for improvement, please feel free to contact us at the details below.

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