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Meet Umi, a 24-year-old professional making waves in the world of real estate. Raised in the vibrant landscapes of Vanuatu, she has cultivated a unique journey towards her current role.


At the age of 18, Umi embarked on her professional journey by immersing herself in the hospitality industry, honing her people skills while waitressing and working in entertainment venues. However, her drive pushed her to pursue more than what she was currently engaged in.


Fuelled by a passion for social justice and gender equality, Umi transitioned into a role at the leading feminist organisation in Vanuatu at 20. For three transformative years, she advocated for women’s rights and empowerment.


Now, Umi has redirected her passion and expertise towards the realm of real estate. Armed with a keen understanding of people’s needs and negotiation prowess, she navigates the dynamic landscape of property transactions.


With her diverse background, Umi brings a fresh perspective to the real estate industry, combining her experiences in hospitality, activism, and community engagement to provide excellent service to her clients.. Whether assisting first-time buyers in finding their dream home or guiding investors towards lucrative opportunities.


Outside of her professional pursuits, Umi actively advocates for social causes, continuing to champion gender equality and community development initiatives. Her multifaceted experiences shape her holistic approach to real estate, ensuring that every client receives personalised attention and exceptional results.


In Umi, clients find not only a dedicated real estate professional but also a compassionate ally, committed to transforming their property aspirations into reality. With her unwavering dedication and drive, Umi is poised to leave an indelible mark on the Vanuatu real estate landscape for years.

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